Things you want to be involved in

There are a lot of things to be involved in in College Christian Fellowship (CCF). Here is a non-exhaustive list.

-Small group bible studies-Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights

-Large weekly worship service (ignite)-Every week at 8pm in the Guad Chapel

-Weekly activates-Friday night activities, come to the Crosswalk at 6 for dinner and an activity

-Multiple retreats-Glacier Fall Retreat, October 16,17,18

Small Groups

We have 15 small groups to choose from. Check out the Small Groups tab for more details on when, where and topics.

Things Going on this week

Friday Night Treasure Hunt - Meet at the Crosswalk at 6 for dinner and directions for the Hunt

Saturday Night Halloween Party at 8 at the Crosswalk with a costume contest and funtivities.