Things you want to be involved in

Do you like other people? Do you want to grow in your faith with others? Do you think that you are alone in your struggles? You aren't. Now is the best time to join a small group!

6pm ASCC Lounge with John Hillman
7pm Lower Cube with Lauren Fulton
8pm 314 St. Charles with Maddie Kreslins
8pm Hunthausen Center (Borro) with Ali Dowling
8pm Crosswalk Mancave (basement) with Nate Henry
8pm Athlete’s Bible Study ASCC Lounge with Tim Pays
8pm Hunthausen Center with Autumn Smith
8pm 432 St. Charles with Christian Dresback
8pm 246 St. Charles with Todd Pays

Activities Coming Up

Spring Break Trip Sign-Up
If you are interested in joining us on one of our Spring Break missions trips you need to sign up by Feb. 9th. Come pick up an application at the Crosswalk today!

Valentines Day Fundraiser
If you're interested in supporting students going on spring and summer missions trips come enjoy a romantic evening out with your significant other at the same time! With a gourmet menu and home made desserts you won't want to miss it. Contact Haylee to reserve your table at (208) 339-4771.


Come Join us for daily prayer!

Monday @ 9 am

Tuesday @ 1 pm

Wednesday @ 2 pm

Thursday @ 1 pm

Friday @ 9 am

All prayer times are located at the Crosswalk Prayer Room