Things you want to be involved in

***Small Groups-Be looking for the start of small groups this week!! We have something for everyone. Great way to get to know people, have a break from homework, and learn more about Christ!

Activities for the week of September 14th

Katie – Tuesday @ 8 pm ASCC Room
John – Tuesday @ 7 pm Scola (Simperman Hall Lounge)
Christian – Thursday @ 8pm Lower Cube
Todd – Thursday @ 8pm Scola
Autumn – Thursday @ 8pm Hunthausen Center (Borromeo Hall)
Elisabeth – Friday @ 1 Upper Cube
Nate – Tuesday @ 8pm Crosswalk Basement
Lauren – Tuesday @ 7pm Lower Cube
Ali – Tuesday @ 7pm Hunthausen Center
Ashley-Ann - Wednesday @ 8pm Hunthausen Center
JJ – Wednesday @ 8pm
Athlete’s – Wednesday @ 8pm ASCC Room (lower cube)


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