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60 Majors, Minors and Programs
77 Class Days per Semester
1 College Christian Fellowship!

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Who We Are

College Christian Fellowship is affiliated with Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship which is a national campus ministry organization. We have a heart to follow Jesus Christ in an authentic way as Christians = “Christ Followers”. We value community and we love to learn together, grow together and be stretched in the way we view this life during our college years into our future. What is Jesus calling you to?

Small Groups

Small Groups are an integral part of College Christian Fellowship and the heartbeat of the ministry.  It is our goal that all of the students involved will be part of a small group. Hopefully with this list you can find one that works for you!


There are a lot of things to be involved in in College Christian Fellowship.

Small group bible studies every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights

Large weekly worship service every week at 8pm in the Guad Chapel

Weekly Saturday worship at the Crosswalk  at 8:00pm


We believe that prayer can change the world and our lives.  Every day of the week you have an opportunity to pray with us.  So join us!